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Heidi Young

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Elaine is an incredible coach. I connected with her straight away and just knew that I needed her in my life END OF STORY and had to make it happen. 
We worked together through one of her Hypnosis offerings and as a first-time Hypnosis client she put my mind at ease and made me feel completely comfortable from the get-go. Elaine has beautiful energy and her intention is genuinely to make all of her time spent with you about you and the best outcome possible in the time frame you are working together. 
If there is a coach that goes above and beyond, Elaine is the epitome of this. I look forward to many more connections and opportunities to work with Elaine as we grow our relationship with one another. Invest in yourself and reach out to Elaine - you will not regret one moment of your time in her sacred circle. Thank - you for absolutely everything you have done and supported me in and with to date my mentor, coach and friend - the World needs a whole lot more of you. 
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Mel Russell

Inspired by Mel

Elaine is someone who I was so blessed to actually get to work with. I am SO glad I invested. She helped me with my limiting beliefs and called my BS excuses out and she empowered me with tools to help me thrive. Everyone needs Elaine in their life.

Gayithri Sridhar

Gaia Tree Vegan Treats


Sara Davenport

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Anwyn Stekerhofs

I can honestly say the work I did with Elaine was invaluable and totally worth every dollar

Jane Mahon

Exploring the Sacred

I didn't choose Elaine, the universe sent her to me. It was one of those beautiful synchronicities. I am already a very successful entrepreneur but I was lacking confidence in launching my spiritual business, which now I am very excited about

Elaine's knowledge of social media, web design, podcast launching and branding is extensive. She has boosted my confidence, reframed any fears and is constantly guiding me closer to my dreams. She also has a nice relaxed, warm manner, plus you can tell she is highly skilled and also compassionate.

I can personally vouch for Elaine's impeccable client service and if you want to achieve your dreams Elaine is the right coach for you.

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GaiaTree Treats

My sessions with Elaine are so amazing, they flow really well and she provides a very comfortable space that allows you to open up and get the most out of your time with her. I am so glad that I found you to help me on my journey. 

After just 4 sessions I have achieved one of the major goals for investing with Elaine, and that is to find a contract manufacturer for my chocolates so I can start to produce on a larger scale. Elaine empowered my mindset and self-belief so much that I could persist after a few years of knockbacks and now it's all coming together. I'm getting more sales coming through and feeling so so excited and pumped right now. 

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Lucie Kasna

For the Love of Mum

Before working with Elaine I was dealing with procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm in getting started and keep going with my side hustle 'For The Love of Mum' Membership and Podcast. 

I have gained a lot of structure and Elaine has shared with me a lot of very practical tips on how to launch a business, how to write copy, how to set boundaries and talk to myself / or how to reframe. I like that she questions all my opinions and beliefs about myself. It's such a nice refreshing perspective and has made me see my abilities in a much more positive light. I like that we keep peeling away step by step, we go deeper into things as we go and uncover what's needed at that time.

In just 4 sessions she has supported me to launch my podcast, launch my community and a very solid plan for the future as well as drastic mindset shifts that have allowed me to take action and feel more confident. Having Elaine as a coach is like having a business partner who believes in you and makes you accountable. I get so much value from her she is fu$king amazing. 

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Lauren Hutcheson

CEO of Innsaei Healing

After working with Elaine, I such a profound shift that changed my world completely! And yes I don't say this lightly! I am now following my as a creative without any doubt or worry to do what I love and put it out there to the world! As a result, I am receiving more abundance than I could have imagined and life just keeps getting better.
Elaine's amazing intuition helped me to feel understood to become clear on what attachments I needed to let go of that gain clarity around the path to follow (which I am now 100% on.) This is the best feeling waking up every day being able to create, help serve others and evolve in a place where I'm exactly meant to be!
I can't thank you enough! xx

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Adelle Renee

CEO of Adelle Renee Life Coaching

Elaine is an incredible woman, coach and inspiration. I had the privilege of being coached by Elaine in a breakthrough session - 8 hours!! It was amazing, intense, uncomfortable and relieving. She held space for me to unpack and rediscover. I found parts of myself I didn’t know were there and we transformed them to be more aligned to who I truly am. I will be forever grateful to Elaine for the unwavering support and guidance. Thank you

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Sara Davenport

Working with Elaine has empowered me in ways I never thought possible - and with such speed 🤯 In just 5 sessions I completely destroyed negative beliefs I’ve been carrying about myself for years. It sounds mad, but only when Elaine reflected this massive shift in my core beliefs, did I see how far I’d come - that’s how natural my new beliefs feel. I can’t recommend Elaine enough - if you’re ready to invest in yourself and do the work, invest in Elaine - she’s invaluable 💓

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Kirsty Lancaster Coaching

Elaine provided me with space and patience to consider the stories I have been telling myself. The profound impact of allowing myself to put in words what I was telling myself really shifted the way I will create thoughts in the future. Elaine helped me to understand reoccurring experiences in my life & how I can change that. Elaine's professional yet fun attitude towards seeing my potential allowed me to shift that for myself. I love working with Elaine and will continue to do so in the future!

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Shenny Mackie

Elaine is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her empathetic, insightful, courageous, non-judgemental and fun nature makes the perfect combination for a coach. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to make a profound and positive shift in their lives.

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The choice to have Elaine as my coach was simple - I felt an instant fondness for Elaine from the minute I met her. Her honesty, energy and authenticity made it easy to connect with her. I found that she has a rare and raw honesty about herself, there is no fakeness or bullshit. Elaine is open about her experiences and own personal journey and I enjoy working with someone who does not try and portray an image of perfection. I really admire Elaine’s confidence in who she is and one of my goals is to instil that same level of confidence in myself and my kids.

Since working with Elaine I am learning to love and be kind to myself. I have learnt about manifesting what I want in life and with this newly developing skill, I was successful in reaching a settlement agreement with my ex, obtaining a bank loan and purchasing a home (that I fell in love with instantly) for myself and my kids.

I am becoming a happier and more confident person each day. I am learning the importance of positive self-talk and skills to challenge negative beliefs.. and so much more. Elaine has really opened my eyes and I am managing to pass these skills on to my 10 year old – I am seeing positive results for him too

To anyone considering working with Elaine, invest in yourself!!
We spend so much time and money on clothes, skincare, hairdressing appointments, gym memberships etc...... Isn't this just as important? For me it became more important, I decided I was worth the time and money and I do not regret my decision for a single second. I have learnt so many valuable skills and so much about myself that I want to keep learning so I have signed on for another 90-day package.

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Jo Smith

After becoming a Mother, I noticed I was becoming overly triggered by my child’s normal toddler behaviour and then experiencing debilitating guilt over my small ‘failures’ of parenting my child consciously which I am passionate about.
I have previous experience of hypnotherapy, which cured a childhood phobia so I was excited to use it as a tool to explore my own childhood memories which I felt may be causing my own behaviours. 
Elaine is so knowledgeable about human behaviours and the way our mind works and I fond our sessions deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating. Each session is like a deep state of relaxation, I feel completely safe and held in a safe environment to explore my subconscious mind as a child. 
I can slowly feel a shift in my behaviours; not being so easily triggered, seeing things through a child’s eyes now I am more in touch with my own inner child and most importantly knowing that I am doing the best I can and not being controlled by my perfectionist thoughts. 
My journey is far from over, but I look forward to each session and what it helps me to uncover and heal. 
Thanks, Elaine you are an amazing therapist! 

Natasha Loughran Hair

Elaine is an angel sent to this earth. Her knowledge and wisdom is priceless in my opinion and I feel so so grateful to have met this amazing lady. My only regret is not meeting her sooner!

She has given the best advice, tools and methods that have made such a difference in my life which I cannot thank her enough for and I cannot wait to see what working with her in the future will bring!

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