Authenticity Coaching

If you are ready to finally let go of what's been unconsciously cockblocking you, be honest with what REALLY desire in life so you can feel fulfilled, using hypnotherapy, soul led coaching and neuroscience backed techniques...then let's party!

Authenticity Coaching

 If you are ready to finally let go of what's been unconsciously cockblocking you, be honest with what REALLY desire in life so you can feel fulfilled, using hypnotherapy, soul led coaching and neuroscience backed techniques...then let's party!

90 days with me as your coach is for YOU if: 


You are ready to stop sacrificing your mental health by going it alone. You want support guidance, connection, next-level accountability, to have your beliefs challenged so you can step into your true potential. 



and you’re craving tangible tools, science and a sprinkling of woo to become the person who GETS WHAT SHE AIMS FOR– you’re ready to take full responsibility for your results, change the story, live from the possibility, well now you are cooking on gas 


You are ready to unlock the power of your unconscious mind and fast track your results so that little spark inside of you gets reignited and you start seeing results in your reality.


😭If you are in business and wondering F&CK why isn't this happening?!
You are weary from working your tail off but can't seem to get where you wanna go and thought you would be further along by now. You know you are one google search away from any strategy you need to grow your audience, nail your niche, launch and design offers, but business is ONLY 20% strategy. 

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Your unconscious mind is running the show and is responsible for 98% of your beliefs and behaviours. Why? Evolution has made it so that we learn a behaviour a few times then store it, to reserve energy and keep us safe.

Your conscious mind is telling you to follow your heart, and to take action, to make offers, to push your limits and to show up as your true authentic self in your business and life.

🤬But your unconscious mind just won't let you because it sees danger in uncertainty, it feels fear of being outside of the tribe and it wants you to stay alive (not happy lol)

When you have set goals in the past you have done it with your conscious mind. When you declare that you are eating healthy this week and you find by day 3 you are a half pack of Tim Tams deep, it's because you didn't get your unconscious mind on board for the ride.

🚫Trying to make changes at this level is like pushing a boulder uphill. You are 200 times more likely to change when you get your unconscious mind on board. Plus it's so much easier and much faster than trying to do it consciously!!

What if you could pinpoint with precise accuracy the empowering beliefs you need (that your unconscious mind will believe) to become the type of woman who can confidently grow your business, have a massive impact and the income to boot. That's where I come in!

Hey, I'm Elaine

I am a certified master mindset coach and hypnotherapist, the host of The Full-Fat Life Show podcast and organiser and facilitator of the Bada$$ Business Women events.

I help people be their most radically authentic selves, take action and pursue their souls' desires through heart and soul led coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT and science-backed techniques.

My story doesn't make logical sense. Single mom, Zero family support in Australia, no plan B, No savings, quits high flying, well-paid job in the middle of a pandemic to go all-in on her business and dreams of designing life on HER terms, around her family and in flow with her energy and doing what she fu$king loves AND is going from strength to strength 6 months in!

I am not special (well maybe a little 😜), I just spent the time developing and cultivating the courageous mindset required to overcome my fears of failure and judgement, self-doubt, procrastination, people-pleasing and perfectionism. I got my UNCONSCIOUS mind on board and it ALL changed! 

With my 1:1 coaching programs, currently coaching women across 3 continents, I give women the tools &, strategies and guidance to make permanent neurological changes to upgrade their beliefs so that they can have the impact and success they deserve.
I swear, I love good coffee, and you should know, if we choose to work together I will always OVER deliver. 

Here's what this unique high impact, high touch coaching with me includes!

Over 90 days (or 6 months depending on the package) together we will have 7 face to face (over zoom) sessions PLUS 90 full days of Voxer support.

While we have a format to guide you through, we don't stick to this religiously as there needs to be room for intuition, life and adjustments in the direction of your dreams so that you get the most value from our time together.

There is only ONE UNIQUE YOU!   You will receive exactly what you need, in the exact moment that you need it, this is why my clients receive life-changing results.

💕Session 1: Breakthrough & Personal History session to get a military grade percise view of the perceived problem and take a look at what could be contributing to this problem- Duration: 2 hours

🤑Session 2: 90 day Vision Planning. We get deep and figure out what success looks like for YOU after 90 days - Duration: 1.5 hours

💎Session 3: Release limiting beliefs and/or negative emotions that we have identified as causing whatever is hindering your progress. We then write empowering upgraded beliefs and you receive a customised hypnosis track that I have recorded for you to listen to for 28 days to reprogram your mind after the session - Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

✨ Session 4: Identify your deepest guiding Values in Life and Business - Duration: 60 mins

🎢Session 5: Check-in and catch up session. Review your original vision and amend if necessary, discuss and coach on challenges or wins since the last session. Duration: 60 mins

☮Session 6: Hypnotherapy to rewire your unconscious mind to ensure you get the impact and success you desire. The session is recorded and you receive the customised hypnosis track to listen to for 28 days to reprogram your mind after the session - Duration: 60 mins

🧠Session 7: Next steps in your path to success planning session - Duration: 60 mins


PLUS for the FULL 90 days you also have access to personalised feedback via Voxer voice message/text message which provides support between sessions as you integrate your new upgraded self and beliefs into your world:) It's like having your own personal cheerleader, accountability buddy and coach in your pocket!

Working with Elaine has empowered me in ways I never thought possible - and with such speed 🤯 In just 5 sessions I completely destroyed negative beliefs I’ve been carrying about myself for years. It sounds mad, but only when Elaine reflected this massive shift in my core beliefs, did I see how far I’d come - that’s how natural my new beliefs feel. I can’t recommend Elaine enough - if you’re ready to invest in yourself and do the work, invest in Elaine - she’s invaluable.

- Sara Davenport -

After working with Elaine, I such a profound shift that changed my world completely! And yes I don't say this lightly! I am now following my path as a creative without any doubt or worry to do what I love and put it out there to the world! As a result I am receiving more abundance than what I could have imagined and life just keeps getting better.
Elaine's amazing intuition helped me to feel understood to become clear on what attachments I needed to let go of that gain clarity around the path to follow (which I am now 100% on.) This is the best feeling waking up every day being able to create, help serve others and evolve in a place where I'm exactly meant to be!
I cant thank you enough! xx

- Lauren Hutcheson CEO of Innsaei Healing-
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The value of this high touch personalised program is over $10,000 but your investment starts at $2,222 and payment plans are available 

 How sexy would you feel waking up on Jan 1st with an action plan, support, accountability and a consciously chosen heart-led direction in your life? 

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