I'm delighted to offer you this HIGHLY valuable call


These FREE Discovery sessions are valued at $150 and are a fantastic opportunity to access techniques and receive intuitive guidance that is transformative for FREE. 


This call is an informal chat for us to get to know each other better, and for me to understand where you’re at versus where you want to be in your life.


We will dive into your questionnaire in some more detail so we can identify exactly what you’re looking to achieve and where you want help and support.


Then if it’s relevant, I’ll share how I work with my clients and the different support options I have available right now, and we can identify which would be the best fit for you


My absolute PASSION is empowering people be their most radically authentic selves, take action and pursue their souls' desires through heart and soul led coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT and science-backed techniques. The impact of that has a ripple effect on the whole consciousness of the planet.


However, if you book one of these very limited spots and need to reschedule please do so within 24 hours of the call. If you do not give any notice to reschedule and do not show up, you will not be able to book one of these spots again. 


Please understand this is expressed with love and respect for your boundaries, I value your time, I ask that you value mine.


  • If you need to reschedule this must be done within a minimum of 24 hours notice via the Calendy app
  • The call is via Zoom and you will receive the link in your Calendy booking. Please ensure you are logged into the waiting room a couple of minutes before our call and you are in a spot where you won't be disturbed. 
  • The call is booked in your timezone and I receive the booking in my timezone- so basically just book a time that suits you in the Calendy app and Calendy works out the timezones. 
  • Please complete this questionnaire at least 24 hours in advance of our session 


Can NOT wait to see your face and hear your dreams 


HELL YESS- Book my call