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Shitty Stories into Super Shiny Stories

Oct 28, 2021

Double tap if you are ready for EMPOWERED stories!

The stories and thoughts that are on repeat in your head are ruling how you feel and act in life and your business every minute of every day! We cant pick them all but be sure to consciously choose which stories you accept!

STEP 1: How to identify the stories that aren't serving you

  • Grab a pen and write down-What thoughts are on repeat in an area of your life- Business, relationships, health, wealth, spirituality 
  • Thoughts usually transfer to words so what do you say regularly about business. What is it you want, what is it you think 'should' be, what is easy, what is hard etc

STEP 2: Dig Deeper on the automatic stories-

How does hearing this story make me feel?

When I feel this emotion how do I act?

When I act like this what is the result? 

STEP 3: How to rewrite them so that they are HIGHLY acceptable to your unconscious mind

NOW - Write out - How do you want to feel? 

What story aligns with this?

How does thinking and feeling this way make me act?

What is the result of that action?

EXAMPLE: Automatic thought: I can't get consistent clients

When I feel this emotion how do I act?- I feel defeated, like its too hard

When I act like this what is the result? - In turn, I become inconsistent in my visibility/showing up online and building my business



How do you want to feel? Trusting and at peace

What story aligns with this? All good things take time and I have faith in my path

How does thinking this way make me act?- I am consistent and patient:)


Drop your Empowered stories below!


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