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Self Care

Oct 28, 2021

It's a deep conditing to put others needs before ours

Its old stories that were never ours, to begin with

It's the 'people-pleasing wallflower' modelling that was imprinted in us as small girls 

It's the unconscious belief that we need to be validated by external measures


I know, you know, at a conscious level that 'self-care' is vital to our (and everyone else's) human needs. 

And that it's actually a very considerate act to look after yourself because it means that we are not overstretched, agitated, moody, resentful and instead we feel supported, calm, content and equipped to handle life. Empowered really.


But how do we get to that point where we can nurture ourselves as women as much as we nurture others?

Its all starts with awareness and a desire for things to be better 

Unravelling of our BS stories 

Healing and loving ourselves back to life 

Choosing a more purposeful direction 

Taking inspired soul-aligned action to empower yourself to live life in flow and according to what you feel called towards.


That's real empowerment


Can I get an AMEN?!