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Jul 16, 2021

How did you go with the Aligned Abundance & Money Magnifier Self Hypnosis? If you listen daily you will definitely start to see results in the form of positive changes to your perspective about money, opportunities in your business that seem unexpected (nothing is by accident :-)) and a lot more awareness of how POWERFUL your mind is when you tell it what you want! 


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  • Whats the biggest lightbulb moment so far since listineing? 


Here are a few resources to support you if you're needing them!!! 


If you like Instagram....

Insta is where I hang out most and I share loads of advise on  releasing the mental blocks that could be sabotaging your success, so that you can grow your business without the burn out using hypnotherapy and neuroscience.


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If you like listening......

I host The Full Fat Life Show Podcast where I interview prominent people in business and share my experiment in living a “full-fat life" rather than the lite, safe disconnected alternative. (which to me involves venturing into the discomfort of the unknown for the sake of growth, deep connection to ourselvs and the planet and pushing my limits in business and life) 


I have loads of episodes with business advice if you fancy a listen on iTunes and Spotify 


I am on insight timer where I have some free visualisations and meditations

My Dream Life Guide Visualisation


If you like meeting in real life! (and you live in Sydney).....

Stay tuned for the Bada$$ Business Women Coffee and Connections and are a fabulous opportunity to connect authentically and openly in this inclusive and fun community. I will share the details via email and socials as soon as we are out of lockdown 


Here is a post about our last event!


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Apply for a Mindblown Power (half) hour coaching session-Its free and no strings attached


What is this magic?


30 minutes on a coaching call, 1:1 to identify and rewire one belief, story or block you believe is holding you back from being your badassiest self in business right now.


Your session will be recorded via Zoom and a 30 second snippit will be shared on instagram so that the other women can be inspired by your transformation:)


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