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The 3 truths the boss babes won't tell you about entrepreneurship

Oct 04, 2022
3 truths about entrepreneurship

Every day more and more women are quitting corporate and starting their businesses and not just because Beyonce told us to! 

We want freedom, we want flexibility and we want to feel fulfilled and we know we can have it, now more than ever.



When I told other entrepreneurs excitedly that I was 'Starting my own business' I felt so goddam proud. I stuck it to the man, quit my high-flying corporate job in advertising in the middle of the pandemic as a single mom with no family support in Australia, and even though the odds were stacked against me, I was gonna show the world what I was capable of.


Little did I know that the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and the self-development journey, which is non-negotiable BTW, will be akin to attending 12 Tony Robbins seminars back to back while menstruating and doing a juice cleanse. 


In hindsight, it's just like if you have your first baby, the other first-time parents aren't gonna rain on your parade and tell you the God honest truth, that the first few years are a living hell filled with sleepless nights, stress that will almost crush you and stained stretchy pants. 


They want you to have your moment in the sun before reality kicks in and you would believe that you were an exception to the 'stress hell' rule anyway, so why would they bother. 


So I'm gonna lay it all out. With some of the (mostly emotional) hurdles you will face in the first years in business, so you can ignore all of it and go ahead and learn the lessons yourself anyway. 


👎You'll wish you were the type that procrsta-cleaned but alas you are the procrasta-Netflix type 

Procrastination is a big thing when you first start in biz. You have all the time in the world now and all the know-how of a flamingo of what to do with said time! 


The thing with procrastination is it's easy to rationalise. You're not saying you'll NEVER do the thing (promote your business, write your content, reach out for collaborations), just that you won't do it right now. 


But it becomes a habit and before you know it, you have put that thing off so many times that you missed the 'opportunity boat'. The good news is 'opportunity boats' are like men, if you miss one there's always another one around the corner :) As soon as you recognise this procrasta-habit, nip it in the bud. 


Procrastination can be 'fixed' by being honest with yourself about what uncomfortable emotions you are avoiding by not doing the thing. Some of the uncomfortable situations you try and avoid when you procrastinate are:


Being a perfectionist, and doing anything takes a big effort as your standards are so unrealistic and you are afraid of making mistakes

Or you are completely overwhelmed and trying to sort out the problem in your head and alone

Or you are afraid of finishing the task and opening yourself up for judgement or criticism.


Don't be that lone wolf. Get help, support and make a list! Remember the difference between people who achieve great things and those who don't is not talent. It is discipline and commitment. 



🦶You'll consider joining OnlyFans to sell your sexy feet pics more than once! 

Then you'll realise that requires just as much work so you'll scrap that. 


Resistance to doing the actual work required to build your business, whether that be writing content, going to networking events or asking your friends to hire you, will take many forms, and I get it, I wanted the quick route to success too. 


When this happens don't worry you haven't girl bossed too close to the sun. It's our natural humanness to avoid uncomfortable moments and emotions. But just like that book says ' You can't go over it, you can't go under it, you have to go through it' 


There's no quick route you have to be willing to put in the hard yards and have the patience of a saint!


🤑You'll get some really frickin cool opportunities

That wouldn't have come your way or you wouldn't have had space without taking this risk. 

So here's the thing, there's no way of doing this entrepreneur thing without some risk and a healthy dollop of poo-inducing fear (no pun intended but it works!)

At some point, you will have to jump off some sort of emotional cliff. It could be the 'I have to show my face on Instagram and ask or the sale cliff' or it could be the 'Its time to leave my safe corporate job' cliff. And these cliffs keep-a-comin literally on the daily you will be required to be brave, be visible and keep going no matter what. 


The more important the activity is to your soul's evolution, the more poo-inducingly fearful you will feel pursuing it. The fear doesn't go away - you have to do it afraid and you get kind of used to it! 


The best thing though is to ignore all my advice and go find out for yourself, because either way, it will be so worth it. 


God speed my pretties. 



Elaine Benson is a certified master mindset coach, speaker and hypnotherapist. Elaine has empowered hundreds of women who know they have a shit tonne of potential but are sitting on the sidelines in their careers or biz and wish they had the confidence and drive to back themselves and go after what they really want.

You can find here on Insta and here on my website