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The 3 truths the boss babes won't tell you about entrepreneurship Oct 04, 2022

Every day more and more women are quitting corporate and starting their...

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Discover How and Why Reparenting will Transform your MF Life Mar 15, 2022

Our childhood is where the unconscious mind is formed.  



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How to be Authentic Dec 02, 2021
Authenticity is basically when your words and behaviours match your core...
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3 Game-Changing ways to Overcome Feelings of Imposter Syndrome to Enhance Self-Belief Nov 06, 2021

In my work as a performance coach for entrepreneurs, I am regularly puzzled...

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Shitty Stories into Super Shiny Stories Oct 28, 2021

Double tap if you are ready for EMPOWERED stories!

The stories and thoughts...

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Self Love Oct 28, 2021

Self-love is the act of being present and attentive with yourself no matter...

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Self Care Oct 28, 2021

It's a deep conditing to put others needs before ours

Its old stories that...

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Meditation and Mindfulness Oct 28, 2021


If you want to become mindful, make an effort to avoid autopilot....

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