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Hey Beautiful, so glad you are here xox

I am an Irish gal living in Sydney, Australia. My story starts a long time ago, but the WAKE THE F&UK UP point was 6 years ago in 2016 when, as a new mom to a beautiful baby boy, I was suddenly and painfully awakened to my inability to love, respect, honour or forgive myself.

I was filled with self-loathing and this internal struggle was desperately polarising as I loved my son with every inch of my being.

Life got pretty tough, I suffered postnatal depression, anxiety and OCD. I got separated from my son's dad and became a co-parent and I had debilitating endometriosis

I reached breaking point many times and when I found myself drinking on the beach alone one night, I thought giving up alcohol would be a good thing to do. With lots of support through online programs and AA, I am now 3 years sober.

When the pandemic hit, I had a side hustle and a high flying day job in advertising with the trappings that go along with that but I was depressed, burnout, anxious, and lonely and I had little control of my own time.

I was desperately seeking a way to feel better and escape the corporate treadmill and then I discovered a women's business & manifestation group.

Being amongst this community of driven women, taking action towards their dream businesses every day, as well as being exposed to the performance-enhancing methods and healing modalities that helped these women take control and transform their lives was so inspirational to me.

I quickly became obsessed with studying all I could about mastering my mind, focusing on what I wanted and taking action despite fear. I got certified in coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and tapping and this combined with 15 years of business experience led me to take the ultimate leap, quitting my job and going all-in on my side hustle!

The reason I do my work today is that I believe the most powerful way I can help create a positive ripple effect in the world is by empowering people like you to heal, unlearn all the conditioning that may be hindering or hurting your heart and connect deeper to yourself, remove the armour + just be happier and at peace.

With my 1:1 coaching programs, currently coaching women across 3 continents, I give women the tools &, strategies and guidance to make permanent neurological changes to upgrade their beliefs so they can rapidly and radically transform.

I swear
I love good coffee
And you should know, if we choose to work together I will always OVER deliver.

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Client Love

'Elaine is absolutely amazing. She was able to help me work through some major negative emotions as well as some limiting beliefs that have completely shifted my life. The space that she holds & her ability to be able to uncover with me what needed to be worked on was incredible. I highly recommend working with Elaine. I would not be in the place I am now had it not been for her as a coach helping me release what was holding me back.."

- Sabrina, Mum of 3 and business owner

"I am lost for words at how lovely our sessions have been, I never knew I was holding onto these emotions and it feels like a weight off my shoulders to let that go, thank you Elaine"

- Shenny, Mum of 2