I help people be their most radically authentic selves, take action and pursue their souls' desires through heart and soul led coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT and science-backed techniques.


Hey Badass!


I help you grow your business confidently and increase your impact by mastering the power of your mind & heart.


As a certified master mindset coach, hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and expert on the unconscious mind, I empower you with the tools, strategies and guidance to make permanent neurological changes to upgrade your beliefs so that you experience deep fulfilment, meaning and purpose in life.

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Hey, I'm Elaine

I am a certified master mindset coach and hypnotherapist, the host of The Full-Fat Life Show podcast and organiser and facilitator of the Bada$$ Business Women events.

My story doesn't make logical sense. Single mom, Zero family support in Australia, no plan B, No savings, quits high flying, well-paid job in the middle of a pandemic to go all-in on her business and dreams of designing life on HER terms, around her family and in flow with her energy and doing what she fu$king loves AND is going from strength to strength.

I am not special (well maybe a little 😜), I just spent the time developing and cultivating the courageous mindset required to overcome my fears of failure and judgement, self-doubt, procrastination, people-pleasing and perfectionism.

With my 1:1 coaching programs, currently coaching women across 3 continents, I give women the tools, strategies and guidance to make permanent neurological changes to upgrade their beliefs so that they can have the impact and success they deserve.

Client Love

After working with Elaine, I such a profound shift that changed my world completely! And yes I don't say this lightly! I am now following my as a creative without any doubt or worry to do what I love and put it out there to the world! As a result, I am receiving more abundance than I could have imagined and life just keeps getting better.
Elaine's amazing intuition helped me to feel understood to become clear on what attachments I needed to let go of that gain clarity around the path to follow (which I am now 100% on.) This is the best feeling waking up every day being able to create, help serve others and evolve in a place where I'm exactly meant to be!
I can't thank you enough! xx sessions 

Lauren Hutcheson CEO of Innsaei Healing

Elaine is an angel sent to this earth. Her knowledge and wisdom are priceless in my opinion and I feel so so grateful to have met this amazing lady. My only regret is not meeting her sooner!
She has given the best advice, tools and methods that have made such a difference in my life which I cannot thank her enough for and I cannot wait to see what working with her in the future will bring!

Natasha Loughran Hair
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